Mighty Beanz

What are Mighty Beanz toys?

Mighty Beanz is a line of jumping bean toys for children from 3 to 9 years old. The idea itself is very simple – collectible plastic beans with metal ball bearings, covered with bright paint, they represented various characters such as Rock N Roll, Pokemon, Marvel Super Heroes, Fortnite Iron-Man, Spider-Man, and others.

The Australian company Moose Toys created them in 2002. Back then, the first wave of Mighty beans consisted of just 60 different designs. These included some cartoon archetypes from clowns and dragons to parodies of real people.

The Most Popular Ones:

DesignNameRaiting 5Toy Type

Nowadays you will find new, absolutely crazy and cool 140 designs of beans and new games with them.

Bean toys are divided into themed teams: furry beans, reptile beans, Star Wars, slimes, and others. They are usually sold in packages in which the content is hidden and you do not know until the last what exactly you will receive.

What makes them unique is that each game pack comes with an atlas book, a checklist that categorizes beans by rarity. Nothing sparks the desire to collect toys more than the realization that there are rarer items that you don’t have yet.

1.Mighty Beanz Slam Pack 8 Pack

This is another set of Mighty Beans consisting of 8 characters, which are packaged in the form of a string of beans. It is enough to hit once on the top of the stitch and release them out.

2.Mighty Beanz Track

You can collect beans, race with friends, exchange. This package contains its own track and two unique collectible beans.

A huge track for two players. You can arrange a competition, whose bob comes first and whose bean loses. You need to hit clearly, quickly, and sharply.

3.Mighty Beanz – Collector Pack – 15 Count

15 pack of Beanz! Find rare them and limited editions.

When you are looking for something special or just want to pick up a surprise toy for your daughter or son, turn your attention to these sets.

We found kits that can help your kids learn along with toys long time.

Children always prefer to receive a large package, and brightly encouraging labels make Bean toys sell quickly.

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